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Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired
Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired

Authentic Pizza Ovens- Lisboa Stone Finish Premium Oven-Wood Fired

Authentic Pizza Ovens
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Why Buy From Patio Sanctuary

Having an Authentic Pizza Oven will definitely become the centerpiece of your backyard as your friends and family gather to enjoy food cooked in a truly authentic, back to basics way. Each Authentic Pizza Oven is handcrafted by skilled artisans in a village near Rio Maior, just north of Lisbon, Portugal using the time-honored tradition of using brick and mortar, NOT clay which ensures durability and faster heat up time. Patio Sanctuary is proud to be selected as an authorized dealer! 

The Premium Lisboa Stone Finish is a stunner with its Portuguese slate stone that covers the entire dome and stacks around the entrance, enhancing the higher opening. This oven has a higher opening than the Buena Ventura and Pizzaioli models, allowing room to even fit a spit. This higher opening also makes the flame more visible, adding to your backyard ambiance! The door of this oven is square-shaped and is perfect for not only pizzas but mouth-watering creations like roasts, casseroles, breads and rotisseries.   **Please see our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's) tab for lots of info on Authentic Pizza Ovens**

 Top Features: 

  • Traditional & Authentic Oven -Handmade in Portugal so each oven is unique and Authentic Pizza Ovens are made with AUTHENTIC BRICK not CLAY! There is a difference so be mindful of this when shopping other oven brands!

  • Each oven has an inner layer of authentic fire brick and mortar, which is then covered with a thick layer of Rockwool Insulation that is secured with metal batting before an additional layer of refractory cement. Authentic Pizza Ovens are the ONLY ones that use true Rockwool with their own international utility patent.

  • Superior construction with an all-fire brick dome means a superior cooking experience as it provides better airflow to cook evenly - no more areas that burn your pizza!

  • Hybrid/Dual Fuel option now available! - A Natural Gas or LP (Propane) - Burner needed and can be purchased through us to modify your wood fired oven to gas (The M-1 or Auto E-1 size burner is recommended by the manufacturer for this oven) Pre-drilled ovens for gas capability are now also available for special order on all Authentic Pizza Ovens traditional models. Call or email us for more info on the exciting new hybrid option! Special hybrid oven orders may have a lead time of 6-8 weeks. *Please note: damage from installing this or ANY burner on ANY of the Authentic Pizza Ovens will void the warranty.

  • Award Winning-Voted Best Wood Fired Pizza Oven in 2022 by LuxLife!

 Specs & Measurements

Fuel Type

Wood, Hybrid option w/ gas now available


Built-in or Countertop **please note, a cover MUST be used if oven is out in the elements to maintain warranty**

Materials Used

Cast Stone Facade, Fire Brick & Mortar, Rockwool Insulation


Traditional, Authentic

How Many Pizzas can be cooked at once?

Approximately 2-12 inch pizzas in under 3 minutes!


 Approx. 1600 lbs

Dimensions- Each oven is handmade so measurements may not be exact but close!

  • Outside: 39" W x 31" H x 39" D

  • Inside: 31" W x 19" H x 31" D

  • Door: 15.5" W x 12" H

  • Chimney: 5.5” W x 6” H

Requires Curing

 Yes, It's important before using. Please click HERE for more info.

Requires Assembly

Very minimal as the oven/dome requires no assembly. Please see the Setup guide below.


Three year- ** please see warranty tab for warranty details and exclusions**

What's Included with your oven

  • Cast PREMIUM HIGH GRADE ALUMINUM DOOR with Stainless Steel Chimney: 6” high spout with flu/damper (6"h x 5.5"w) 38” Pipe extensions and cap available separately.

  • Ceramic Portuguese Baking Dish: (10” x 14.5” x 3”)

  • Built In Thermometer: (0-500°C)

  • Ultra Fire Patch Kit to address superficial cracks that will develop

Available Accessories

Cover, Utensils/Tools, Chimney Cap, Optional Pipe Extension


Manuals/Spec sheet

Click HERE for the Setup Guide

Click HERE for the Warranty Guide


Hopefully this list will answer any questions you might have. If not, please reach out!

Q1: Do I need to Cure my Authentic Pizza oven and what does this mean exactly?

A: YES you need to do this! Curing simply means removing the moisture in the mortar. Curing will significantly help to protect the cooking ability and the life of your oven. So, yes you absolutely need to cure your traditional oven and it's best to do it in dry weather. You will be starting small fires and repeating daily for 5 days. Start a small fire and let it burn throughout the day (4-5 hours) maintaining temperature:

Day1. 140F/60C

Day 2. Repeat 215F/100C 

Day 3. Repeat 300F/ 150C

Day 4. Repeat 400F/200C

Day 5. Repeat 480F/250C 

A visual inspection of your oven will provide you with the best clue as to its readiness, as the brick surfaces transition from black to white as the charcoal is burned off the oven walls.

Make sure that you close the oven door each night, which will keep in the heat and protect moisture from getting in until the curing process is complete.

Q2 : What Type of Wood should I use?

A:  Only use hardwoods such as walnut, oak, mesquite, apple, maple, etc. Please stay away from softer woods like pine or spruce which are resinous. We do NOT recommend using coal in these ovens.

Q3 : Do I need to clean my Authentic Pizza Oven?

A:  You don’t. Once the fire is out and cools you just sweep it out and it’s perfectly ready for next time!  You can simply close the door after a session and then shovel it out before the next burn.

Q4 : What tools do I need for my Authentic wood fired pizza oven?

A:  We'd recommend a pizza peel as your very first tool in either wood or metal, or one of each. This is a flat paddle with a long handle to put the pizza in the oven and then pull it out when it's cooked. Then, you can go for tools like shovels, brushes, pizza cutters, pizza turner/bubble popper etc. We'd also recommend an infrared thermometer for extreme accuracy and for Fahrenheit temperatures as this oven comes with a Celsius thermometer. 

Q5 : How long does it take for the Authentic Pizza Oven to heat up?

A:  When prepared correctly, the oven will take approximately 45 minutes to an hour and a half to get to the right temperature to bake your delicious pizzas. To get it closer to the 45 min mark, use a butane torch which you can get at any Home Depot type store- around $15-$25. Set up your ‘camp fire’ in a Lincoln log/tic tac toe fashion and use the torch on it for about 2-3 min. This saves tons of time. Do not use paper as this will just create ash.

Q6 : What else can I cook in an Authentic Pizza Oven?

A:   Where do we start! In addition to scrumptious pizzas, you can cook all kinds of dishes: anything from breads, roasts, steak, burgers, deserts and more. The list is endless!

Q7 :  Do I need to keep the Authentic Pizza Oven covered?

A:   If your oven is out in the elements then YES. It's very important to keep your oven protected. An occasional shower is fine but NOT sitting out in the wet or snow for extended periods. We have covers for sale and we highly recommend one as part of your purchase. If your oven is outside but protected in a covered area, then that is fine.

Q8 :  How far from the house should I place my Authentic Pizza Oven?

A:   We recommend that you place your oven at least 3 feet away from your house or any building structure/wall to allow for proper ventilation. However, you need to check with your local city/county ordinance and ensure you follow their requirements. Adding a chimney pipe and cap is an important safety feature.

Q9 :  How do I clean my oven?

A:   You don’t. Once the fire is out and cools you just sweep it out and it’s perfectly ready for next time!  You can close the door after a session and simply shovel it out before the next use.

Q10 :  How will my Authentic Pizza Oven arrive?

A:   These ovens are shipped in a secure custom wooden crate which sits on a pallet. Our standard traditional oven crates measure 43″ x 43″ x 39″. (some are a few inches bigger) We use various freight trucking companies with a lift gate and will provide you with these details after purchase. Deliveries will be curbside only. and someone will need to be home to receive shipment.** Please see our shipping tab**

Q11 :  What if my Authentic Pizza Oven cracks? 

A:  Please know that ALL wood fired brick or clay ovens will crack at varying degrees. They are usually thin but can get rather large especially when heated. It's important to cure your oven properly to avoid quicker and/or larger cracks. Cracks do NOT affect the oven function in a noticeable way, in fact many European owners prefer to not repair cracks as they are a sign of a well seasoned oven..If you want to repair the cracks for aesthetic reasons, we do provide an Ultrafire crack repair kit which is best applied when the oven is hot!

**It is also common for the base of the oven to crumble a little bit.  The base is concrete and it is NOT pre-fabricated materials- it is all handmade so it may crumble a little bit on the edges.  You can easily paint the spots with the Ultra Fire crack repair or even use some mortar.  You may find gaps inside your oven in the dome as well as on the floor of the oven- this is normal and intended. Remember, these are handmade and unique!

Q12: How long does it take to cook a pizza?

A:  Cooking pizza to perfection is a fun learning process and also a personal preference. Typically, you’ll want to place your pizza on the hot oven floor at a temperature of approximately 650°-750°F (350°-450°C). At this temperature, the pizza will take about 90 seconds to cook. If it’s any faster the top will burn before the crust can cook. Make sure you keep the fire/wood coals in the center of the oven until you’re ready to cook. This ensures the floor will get hot enough to cook the pies evenly. Depending on several elements such as weather, wood, heat up time etc, you may need to move your coals back to the center of the oven to heat up the floor again.

Q13: Will I have to wait for my oven to ship from Portugal?

A: No-our ovens are shipped to our warehouse in the U.S on a regular basis from Portugal so anything you order will ship from the U.S and we ship quickly too if in stock!


Authentic Pizza Ovens offers a three-year warranty. Click HERE for details. 

The warranty above is NOT applicable under the following circumstances:

(1) The Oven was not installed in accordance with Authentic Pizza Ovens installation guide and your local building codes.

(2) This Warranty does not apply to any cracking caused by over-firing or the failure to follow a proper curing schedule.  See care information for a detailed explanation of this curing schedule. All authentic ovens will crack, it is physics.

(3) The Oven has been subjected to non-standard use, including but not limited to, throwing firewood into the oven with force, addition of non-approved appliances or burners, burning fuels with abnormal burning characteristics, including: driftwood, coal, plywood, and wood products using a binder that may burn at excessive temperatures, causing damage to the Oven. The oven should not be over stuffed with wood. We are able to discern with photographs if the oven has been over heated. Our ovens are to cook food in and are not incinerators. 

(4) The Oven has been subjected to or the use of improper chemicals or liquids that have been used to clean or sanitize the interior of the oven.

(5) This Warranty does not cover damage to the dome caused by storing any materials on the top of the oven.

(6) This Warranty does not apply to normal wear and tear of the Oven, or on parts that would be worn or replaced under normal conditions, including the following:

  • Normal cracking due to expansion and contraction stress relief in the refractory materials of either the dome or floor tiles. This can happen on the dome, inside as well as around the facade.

  • Tiles may chip, crack, and/or become discolored.  This is normal wear and tear. 

  • Grout wearing.  Grout is purposefully left out in between some of the floor tiles to allow torque in transport.  The ash will fill this in over time. Facade grout between the bricks may shift and shed due to heat expansion.

  • Discoloration of exterior finishes in areas repeatedly exposed to smoke, as this is considered normal wear and character on your wood fired pizza oven.

(7) This Warranty does not apply to ovens that have NOT been covered.  Ovens need to be protected from wet weather. Protect from rain and snow. It is very clear to see if an oven has not been covered.

(8) This Warranty does not apply to any rust that may develop on the door and/or chimney. We recommend with all steel door and chimney ovens that you apply a clear coat of A Rustoleum-like rust protector and cover when not in use. Our aluminum door ovens will not rust.

(9) This Warranty does not cover damage to, or failure of the oven, resulting from natural or other catastrophes, such as flood, fire, wind, or severe storms.

(10) This warranty does not cover any application to a food truck or trailer without proper suspension and modification to the facade of the the Maximus/Prime ovens.  We do NOT recommend any of our traditional ovens to be used in a mobile setting and it will not be covered under warranty. Please contact Patio Sanctuary to receive the appropriate modification information.


Shipping & Returns

Order Confirmation:

As soon as you place your order, you will receive an order confirmation e-mail.  This means that we have received your order in our system and pre-authorized your credit card for the purchase.  As soon as we receive your order, we automatically reach out to our suppliers to confirm that it is in stock and available for immediate shipment.  If your item is on backorder or unavailable, we will void the pre-authorization and reach out to you via e-mail and/or phone.  If your item(s) are available for immediate shipment (within 5 business days), we will process the charges and submit the order for shipment once the payment has been approved by our fraud prevention system.

Order Shipment:

All items $200+ ship for free.

If your order is stock and we then process the charges to your credit card, it will ship between one to five business days from the date of your order, but we strive to have it sent as quickly as possible from the warehouse.  We will send you tracking information within 24 hours of your order leaving the warehouse to the e-mail address you provided when checking out.  If you do not receive tracking information from us within 2 business days of your order, feel free to follow up with us at

Important-Please note:

Your oven will ship via Freight Lift Gate delivery and is curbside.  This means the freight company will arrive at your home and lower the oven with their liftgate and pallet jack and deliver to your driveway. Occasionally you can get them to roll it to your garage or a convenient location but understand the service is curbside only.  It is due to their legal and insurance waivers that restrict them from delivering it further. Someone will need to be home to receive the shipment and you are responsible for making accommodations for the placement of your oven upon delivery. Many Authentic Pizza Oven customers use an engine hoist they can rent relatively cheaply from any Lowes, Home Depot, or other equipment rental facilities. The engine hoist is also very accessible to almost any backyard setup. Some other options are a gantry crane, cherry picker, bobcat or forklift, and a crane. 

  • Orders are shipped daily via reputable freight companies and also via Fed Ex Ground, UPS Ground and USPS. Items are shipped to the lower 48 states. We can also ship to Canada but there will be an additional charge and we ask you to contact us ahead of time so we can quote you.

  • We do not offer Cash On Delivery.

  • A phone number will be required by the freight company so a delivery appointment can be made. Failure to provide this at the time of order may cause a delay in delivery as freight items will not be delivered without an appointment.

  • Any incorrect contact information provided at the time of checkout (i.e address, phone number) that causes a delay in delivery, may cause additional storage fees to be accrued prior to delivery and must be paid by the purchaser.

Damages *Please read*

  • Authentic Pizza Ovens backs up it's product and we always want you to be happy with your purchase but please read the following which is in accordance with Authentic Pizza Ovens Warranties & Policies:

  • It is important that you check your oven for any damages BEFORE your driver leaves and you sign for it. If you are unable to fully inspect the oven or in cases where the driver is unable to wait for you to inspect it, then you MUST make notes on the POD stating that "There are potential damages" when you sign for it. It doesn't happen often but on occasion there may be concealed damages that occurred in transit. Authentic Pizza Ovens are insured through the freight companies to your door so if there is ever an issue, you're covered BUT we stress that you DO need to inspect your oven BEFORE you sign the freight acceptance and BEFORE the driver leaves or noted on the POD. Otherwise, we will NOT be able to assist with your claim should there be damages. We offer a 5-day grace period for any order discrepancies including missing items. We will NOT be held responsible for order discrepancies, including missing items, if reported AFTER the 5 day grace period.

     If the carton arrives with the contents exposed/visible, REFUSE SHIPMENT, sign the carrier's paperwork and write "Carton damaged and refused" on it. Take photos if possible and please notify Patio Sanctuary immediately. We will work with the freight company and Authentic Pizza Ovens to have it returned and another unit shipped out ASAP.  

  • Authentic Pizza Ovens are manufactured with steel eyelets in each corner which allow for easy hoisting. Once in place, the eyelets can be cut off after placement if desired. Please note: Crumbling around the base is NOT considered damage. The base is essentially protection for our ovens. This can be easily touched up with the Ultrafire that is included with the oven or in some cases a small supply of pre-made mortar.


  • We allow you to return Authentic Pizza Oven items that are new, unused in their original packaging within 14 days of delivery for a refund MINUS the original AND return shipping costs incurred by Patio Sanctuary. To start a return a RETURN MERCHANT AUTHORIZATION number (RMA) must be requested. Please contact ASAP to get your return started.

  • A restocking fee of up to 30% will also be incurred as that is what this manufacturer will charge Patio Sanctuary. Return condition must be in the original packaging/crating from the factory and unused. If the return is not shipped in the original packaging/crating a refund will NOT be given. No exceptions. Refunds are issued only to the original credit card used.

  • If your return is because of our error, you will be not responsible for the shipping costs.

  • As these items are generally expensive to ship, we ask that you please measure to make sure the item you are purchasing will fit in your designated space.

  • If you received COMPLIMENTARY BONUS ITEMS with your purchase, you will be refunded the order amount, minus return shipping, minus the bonus item cost.

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